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Management of company information and the potential of CMS

Content Management Systems (CMS) or Component Content Management Systems (CCMS) are content management software applications used to create, organise, update and publish information in an easy and intuitive way . CMS software is used for a wide variety of tasks: presentations, booklets, company websites, intranets, user guides, installation guides and quick start guides, online guides,...
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E-mobility: “natural” opportunities for the HVAC industry

One of the many areas of our daily life that will surely be revolutionised in coming years is mobility. This sector, driven by the need to reduce environmental impact and increase the safety of people (and things), has shifted towards the use of self-driving vehicles and electrification . Just how fast these developments are taking place can be seen by observing the drop in costs of...
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From employees to people: a journey through engagement

The word engagement first appeared in the early 17th century, with the meaning of “ a legal or moral obligation ” or “ an arrangement to do something… ”. In other words, engagement focuses on the relationship between two or more people, who reach an agreement to do something / go somewhere, etc. That said, the unspoken factor needed to reach an agreement is the motivation that drives...
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The opportunity to innovate

“Innovation is the ability to see change as an opportunity, not a threat”. Steve Jobs “Innovation” is a term that is used more and more frequently, in every area of life. We often hear about “technological innovation”, but also social or economic innovation. So let’s look at what “innovation” really means. Searching Google for the term “innovation” gives: the Oxford ...
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What role do social networks play in HVAC/R?

The growth of social networks and the number of people who use them every day is unstoppable: the number of users has risen from 1.85 billion in 2014 to more than 3.4 billion in 2019 (an 87% increase in 5 years!) Source: B2C companies were the first to identify the potential that such growth can bring...
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Feelings of Safety

It’s a summer night. Your car’s clock shows it’s two in the morning. You feel relieved. A long weekend awaits, with nothing to think about except relaxing. Alongside you, the person you hold dearest in your life can hardly keep their eyes open. Outside it’s 24°C, the air slightly warm; your hand sways, almost as if cradled by the carefreeness of the moment. You can still perceive a...
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Will this year be the turning point for a sustainable energy model?

The forecast that is emerging for the following decades on the health of our planet seems unequivocal. The lowering of air quality levels, climate change, rising sea levels, the extinction of numerous animal species and increasing deforestation are all signals announcing the beginning of a change that has never been seen in previous millennia. 
This is confirmed by the IPCC, the...
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A computer security primer

In recent years, computer security has shifted from being an issue for professionals only to a news topic in the mainstream media around the world. From the alleged interference by Russian hackers in the US presidential elections, to the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal, computer security problems are more and more becoming front page news. Technologies such as the Internet...
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Electricity - the most noble energy carrier

What is heavier: a kilogram of stones or a kilogram of gold?  This question may seem confusing, but the answer is simple… they both weigh the same! However, they are not really the same in terms of their other characteristics, and I’d bet that the vast majority of readers would rather take a kilogram of gold than a kilogram of stones. The reason is that the perceived value of the...
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The next industry ripe for change…here we are Richard!

2019 has got off with a bang: none other than Richard Branson has dedicated a post on his blog  to something we think about at CAREL every single day: what future do we want to create for the air-conditioning industry, a sector worth over 100 billion dollars and that is above all such an integral part of our everyday lives that we almost take it for granted? It’s an effective...
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