Company Profile


CAREL is one of the world leaders in control solutions for air conditioning, refrigeration and heating, and systems for humidification and evaporative cooling. We design our products so as to bring energy savings and reduce environmental impact, thanks to the combination of the most advanced technologies and customised services, aimed at optimising the performance of equipment and systems. Our solutions are used in commercial, industrial and residential applications.


We recognize environmental issues as a corporate priority
Francesco Nalini, CAREL Group CEO


The company’s claim, “Driven by the Future”, perfectly sums up the CAREL model, representing the starting point and the final goal that together encompass the process of designing, manufacturing and marketing our products and systems. An innovative consulting and technological partner, CAREL anticipates market demands, proposing energy-efficient solutions with guaranteed high performance.
Continuous improvement is our modus operandi, the method that allows us to create a standard without being constrained by it and then gradually succeeding in surpassing it to define an even higher-level standard.
Research, innovation and technology are the keys to our success: for almost fifty years, the customer’s needs have been at the centre of the elements we develop to ensure functional and aesthetic differentiation. 
Our Group’s strength lies in the integration between the different areas; our overall vision, experience and transversal competencies mean we can exceed the boundaries of individual products and represent a single partner that can identify integrated application solutions.


Innovation as a business model

Research & Development are at the heart of our commitment. Every year more than 5% of consolidated revenues is allocated to Research & Development, in order to provide cutting-edge solutions that anticipate customer needs. Out of more than 2,000 employees, around 13% work in Research & Development. CAREL also has a number of laboratories devoted to thermodynamics and humidification, true areas of excellence in their reference sectors.
Most of our employees are aged between 30 and 50, with an average age of around 41 for men and 39 for women. 
Our commitment to continuous training across all company areas to ensure development of our personnel, both in terms of technical skills and soft skills, is also significant.

Endless reliability

Our responsibility to our customers far exceeds the revenues we generate. Indeed, the products we make are components that account for approximately 2 to 10% of the value of our customers’ finished products, depending on the application 
As these elements are hard to replace, to guarantee the supply of our components even in extremely difficult situations, we have adopted a disaster recovery system that sees most of our products manufactured in at least two different sites. 

The taste of natural growth

Founded in 1973, in 2023 CAREL posted consolidated revenues of 650.2 million euros (+19.3% higher than 2022). CAREL can rely on an extensive and well-structured sales and customer support network. The Group comprises 38 subsidiaries and runs 15 production plants across the entire world. Together with these are partners and distributors in a further 75 countries.