Electrical panel for display cases

Electrical panel for display cases
  • General characteristics

    Chillers are an essential part of a refrigeration system and as such must be operated with the best solutions available to ensure state of the art performance and flexibility. Each display case controller must ensure correct storage temperature and monitor operating conditions. However, in addition to ensuring the basic necessities, the CAREL retail system pays special attention to energy savings and reliability.


    There are solutions available that allow high performance operation, with a subsequent reduction in energy consumption, and greater control with back-up proceduresn in case of anomalies, and thus greater safety. In the food industry, refrigeration is one of the most delicate and complex applications, as food needs to be kept at different temperatures depending on the processing phase. Refrigeration slows the growth of bacteria in foods.


    The technique is based on the extremely quick and intense action of cold temperatures, ensuring the organoleptic propeties of the food remain intact and extending storage time. Both systems designed and installed on an industrial scale and for consumers are based on standard procedures and techniques. The chiller is just one part of a more complex system that allows the evaporator to define the ideal heat exchange and thus preserve the food.


    The use of E2V proportional electronic expansion valves in chillers allows the energy savings possible with chiller control to be fully exploited. The possibility of operating at fully floating condensing and evaporation pressures is perhaps the primary distinctive element of energy savings as a result of using E2V expansion valves. This optimisation is possible through continuous strategies applied in real time aimed at achieving the best possible operating conditions for the entire system, ensured by using an integrated solution such as the CAREL retail system.