Combined Sensor Light and Presence detection

Combined Sensor Light and Presence detection
  • General characteristics

    Sensors for measuring ambient light and occupancy, to be used in combination with CAREL or third-party electronic controllers. These sensors contribute to ensuring intelligent management of electrical loads, rationalising power consumption and consequently saving energy.


    The combined light and presence detection sensor DPWA series for indoor and outdoor installation are instrument that detects motions and light intensity as well as the presence of persons and is used to recognize environment conditions.

    The output signal is 4...20 mA for light intensity and has a switching (changeover contact SPDT) output for the detection of motions. Those combined sensors are installed, where is necessary use a device for the observation and recognition of

    conditions and for a motion dependent control of room functions, e.g. as motion detector to lower temperatures in unused





  • Quick Guide
    Code Description Language Date * Release
    Code +040010025
    Description Sonde e sensori / Probes and sensors Guida alla scelta e all'installazione ottimale Selection and optimal installation guide
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 25/06/2021
    Release 1.2
    Code +040010026
    Description 'Sondes et capteurs / Fühler und Sensoren Guide pour le choix et l'installation optimale Auswahl- und Installationshilfe
    Language FRE  GER 
    Date 26/08/2019
    Release 1.1
    Code +040000045
    Description Installazione sensori Luce e Presenza Installation Light and Presence detection Sensor
    Language ENG  ITA 
    Date 21/10/2014
    Release 1.0
  • Technical Leaflets
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    Code +0500078ML
    Description Sensore combinato di luce e presenza - Versione interna ed esterna / Combined Sensor - Light and Presence detection – indoor and outdoor version / Capteurs combiné de présence et lumière - version d’intérieur et d’extérieur / Kombinierter Licht- und Bewegungssensor - Innen- und Außenversion / Sensor combinado de luz y presencia - Versión interna y externa
    Language ENG  FRE  GER  ITA  SPA 
    Date 14/03/2018
    Release 2.0