RED control digital services platform

RED control digital services platform
  • General characteristics

    RED Control is the digital platform intended for manufacturers of refrigeration units in food service and scientific applications. 
    Together with the apps and the new product ranges, specifically the iJ line, the cloud portal allows manufacturers to create their own digital solution around the refrigeration units, offering the market high added value solutions with low management costs. Integration of Internet of Things (IoT) solutions into products is increasingly commonplace and demanded by the market. 


    In the food service and scientific sectors, specific regulations specify how food and medicines must be stored so as to guarantee their essential properties. RED control supports the temperature tracking requirements by automating recording in the required times, and providing the required reports for each type of application, pre-configured and ready to use. This simplifies the tasks of the refrigeration unit user, while the risk of needing to dispose of incorrectly stored food and medicines is reduced by real-time notifications of any faults directly to the personnel responsible for maintenance, so as to allow prompt and targeted service, with pre-analysis performed remotely.  


    With RED control, the manufacturer does not simply offer a product, but rather a complete solution to support tasks in the field, with graphic customisation to adapt to the brand of the product it is supplied with. 


  • Plus

    RED control is not just a digital platform, but rather an entire ecosystem of services that can be fully customised to adapt to the customer’s brand, and built around the refrigeration unit based on the market requirements of each individual manufacturer.


    In addition to remote management offered by RED control, which can be used for automatic temperature recording by the user, for rapid and targeted service by maintenance personnel and for long-term analysis of product performance by the manufacturer, a local connection is also available via app, Controlla for end users and Applica for installers/maintenance personnel. The Applica app also simplifies the creation of RED control accounts, usually the responsibility of the installer. Both the apps and the line of iJ controller feature customisation options to adapt to the image of the digital platform.