Electronic expansion valves NA

Electronic expansion valves NA
  • General characteristics

    The range of electronic expansion valves offered by CAREL covers cooling capacities up to 1300 kW, thanks to the new E6V series.

    The main features of the EXV valves are:

    • External stator replaceable without dismantling the valve
    • Removable motor mechanism (except for model E2V) to assist soldering and replacement without unsoldering the valve
    • Integrated flow indicator (except for models E2V & E3V)
    • Gearless - Movement on stainless steel ball bearings
    • Tight when valve closed
    • Control with flow in both directions
    • Equipercentile variation of refrigerant flow-rate: ensures high precision control at low flow-rates.
  • Plus

    • Energy saving
    • Easy to use
    • CO2 ready
    • Performance
    • Multilanguage
    • Reduced environmental impact