Centralised steam distributors NA

Centralised steam distributors NA
  • General characteristics

    ultimateSAM is an atmospheric or pressurised steam dispersion system, designed to uniformly and effectively distribute dry steam into ducts or air handling units.
    SAM stands for Short-Absorption Manifold, in other words a steam dispersion system with a short absorption or non-wetting distance (even less than 0.5 m).
    It has been designed to be built "to measure" for the AHU/duct, guaranteeing low heat gain (max. 2 °C/4 °F) and very low condensate formation.
    All metal parts fitted in the AHU/duct are made from AISI 304 steel so as to guarantee hygiene and long operating life.
    The features of the ultimateSAM humidification system make it a perfect solution for all humidification requirements in AHUs/ducts, providing designers, installers and service personnel with the best solutions. The wide product range and choice of steam capacity, plus the numerous options, make the system ideal for use in various applications, including hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, libraries, museums, offices, shopping centres, data centers, telecommunications and many, many others.
  • Plus

    • nozzles set out along the entire height of the pipes deliver steam uniformly, ensuring a very short non-wetting distance;
    • energy saving due to insulation on the pipes, decreasing air heat gain and condensate formation;
    • hygiene: ultimateSAM is made from AISI 304 steel;
    • ultimateSAM can be purchased with valves controlled by electric actuators for precise modulation of steam flow into the AHU/duct;
    • different configurations of ultimateSAM are available for applications with high steam flow-rates or if the required non-wetting distance is particularly short;
    • the single-pipe version is insulated and is supplied with a manifold that also acts as steam trap;