In September 2022, Klingenburg GmbH and Klingenburg International Sp. Z.o.o., leading companies in the production of rotary and plate heat exchangers, were acquired by the CAREL Group. 
The companies operate two production facilities, one in Germany and one in Poland, and have direct sales representatives in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

Klingenburg's rotary heat exchangers, in addition to being used in air handling units in residential and commercial buildings, are widely used in various industrial processes. Moreover, the company also offers solutions for humidification (mainly for indirect adiabatic cooling) and air disinfection using UV technology.

Through this acquisition, CAREL has confirmed its ability to be a sole supplier of complete air handling systems and its role as one of the leaders role in the sector, with considerable industrial and commercial synergies. At the same time, CAREL’s global reach has allowed Klingenburg to enter new markets and new regions, creating significant cross-selling opportunities.