Solutions for plug-in and semi plug-in units

Solutions for plug-in and semi plug-in units
  • General characteristics

    Heos is the solution for decentralised commercial refrigeration applications, offering complete control of plug-in and semi plug-in cabinets
    Easy installation and maintenance, as well as a substantial reduction in refrigerant charge, are achieved by the use of simple condensing units installed on the cabinets.

    Plug-in solutions feature an air-cooled condensing stage, rejecting the heat into the room.

    For semi plug-in solutions, on the other hand, the heat of condensation is carried outside of the building via a water loop to a simple rad-cooler/chiller. Integration with building air conditioning systems is also possible.

    Each unit can operate in the best possible conditions, with algorithms that optimise control for the specific cabinet.

    Each unit operates independently from the others, ensuring greater reliability. The decentralised approach minimises system soldering/welding and possible points of refrigerant leakage. 

    All solutions for plug&play applications are integrated with the Carel remote supervisory and management/IOT services offering, with specific dashboards for reporting, active performance monitoring and KPIs.

  • Plus

    All-in-one cabinet management

    Integrated complete management of cabinet and condensing unit functions, covering all applications on the market: medium and low temperature, natural or synthetic refrigerants, air or water cooling, etc.

    Flexible and fast installation

    Solutions for plug-in and semi plug-in applications, with the possibility of pre-configuring the unit to be ready for use.

    Energy efficiency

    The decentralised approach and the use of advanced control algorithms mean operation can adapt to the specific demands of each individual cabinet.

    System reliability

    The units are 100% factory-tested and operate completely independently of each other, reducing the risk of refrigerant leaks and extensive malfunctions.

    Local and remote supervision

    Cloud management of refrigeration systems with supervisors and digital services.