Residential heat pumps: high efficiency management system

The current ferment in the residential heat pump market - now recognised as being key in the global transition towards safe and sustainable heating - requires a number of choices to be made quickly and carefully. 
The IEA (International Environmental Agency) has estimated a reduction in global carbon dioxide emissions of at least 500 million tons in 2030 by using these appliances.
Increased attention to the environment is also leading to the use of natural refrigerants with a low GWP, however often with high flammability and classified A3. 

For this reason, CAREL has taken every possible step to ensure the highest efficiency, safety and reliability of its products. Indeed this is the basis and the objective of CAREL’s offering in this segment. 
Other decisive factors that have characterised this technology since it was first conceived are adaptation to a wide variety of climate zones and local regulations, as well as the awareness that the imminent vast-scale extension of this application requires careful choices, both in terms of robustness and reliability. 


The complete CAREL solution


The proposal for the management of packaged units comprises electronic controllers, inverter-compressor combinations, electronic expansion valves, sensors and human-machine interfaces; all available in wide ranges to cover all manufacturing requirements.



Highly efficient coordination between devices

The variability in thermal load and outdoor climate conditions, especially when using air as the source heat exchange fluid, require the adoption of a modulating system, with optimal benefits both in terms of comfort and energy saving.
With regard to high efficiency, the proposal includes DC compressors managed by inverters, and electronic expansion valves
Variable-speed compressors can be sized smaller than similar fixed speed compressors, effectively compensating for any sudden peaks in load. Furthermore, the lower rotation speed means lower noise levels, a fundamental aspect in residential environments.
Another major plus is continuous compressor operation: without repeated on-off cycles, the compressor is protected against repeated mechanical and electrical stress, extending its working life. Furthermore, the CAREL control system can identify and correct any potentially dangerous deviations in operation, preventing the alarm thresholds from being reached and thus avoiding unit shutdowns.
This macro-system of products, appropriately managed by the control software, brings immediate cost savings due to lower energy consumption and less maintenance. All this translates into benefits for both the installer/manufacturer and the end user, who can essentially “forget” about their heat pump.


Unit and room terminals 

pGDn unit terminals are available for unit commissioning and maintenance, while the pGDx / thTune room terminals, fitted with serial probes, complete the offering. 


Software to develop your ideas

The c.pCO controllers are fully programmable and can be configured based on the unit’s layout and functions, using the c.suite development tool. 
This tool comes with a vast range of libraries and implements numerous functions developed based on CAREL’s decades of experience in residential applications. Example: high efficiency device management, modulating control of external loads, defrost management, Legionella prevention and much more. Basic arithmetic-logical functions and complex control algorithms manage the various devices, both proprietary and third-party. 
The software can be used in the standard configuration, allowing manufacturers to build and commission an efficient heat pump quickly; however the flexibility of the c.pco platform means customers can also customise the control system in just a few simple steps to adapt it to the layout of the specific unit.


Your safe, high-performance solution

CAREL’s complete “A3 ready” solution, suitable for use with traditional and natural refrigerants such as propane, is essential for faster final certification of the entire heat pump unit
At the same time, the high efficiency of the products and smart control logic ensure the best performance, meeting the strictest regulations on energy efficiency and promoting environmental sustainability and minimising energy consumption for the end user.



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