Wine industry: storage and cooling

wine industry storage and cooling

a product that is
the fruit of tradition


Its flavours and aromas are the result not only of the quality of the grapes, but also the microclimatic conditions in the places where the wine is produced, aged and stored.


Air temperature and humidity control is fundamental
in preserving the organoleptic properties of wine
throughout its life.


In an increasingly competitive international market, the use of the most sophisticated technological systems can make an important contribution to guaranteeing high-quality wine production. Ensuring the right humidity and temperature, and being able to monitor the trends in these values over the seasons, is an essential part of the winemaking process, so as to produce wine with optimum characteristics, every year.


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Carel, leader in the production of refrigeration and air-conditioning controllers and air humidification systems, is the ideal partner for the wine industry. With a vast range of standard and custom solutions, CAREL can respond to the needs of the wine industry with experience and professionalism, supplying cutting-edge global technical support through its extensive network in numerous countries around the world.


Main benefits

High efficiency and hygiene

CAREL adiabatic humidification systems can provide the right level of humidity constantly and precisely, with extremely low energy consumption and in compliance with hygiene requirements.




CAREL’s complete solutions can fulfil all control, integration and supervision requirements for room air-conditioning systems.



Lower energy consumption and environmental impact

CAREL solutions are high efficiency, aimed at reducing energy consumption and consequently temperature and humidity control system running costs.
Less pollutants in the atmosphere and a lower environmental impact of the winemaking process.


Our products 


MC multizone


MC multizone is the CAREL compressed air adiabatic humidifier that delivers atomised water directly into the room, making it ideal for large wineries and barrel cellars.

The special technology used for the stainless steel atomising nozzles means MC delivers very fine droplets, which are easily absorbed by the air in a small space, even at lower temperatures.

The automatic line flushing procedure and the “self-cleaning” nozzles make MC completely hygienically safe product.


humiSonic direct

humisonic direct

humiSonic direct is the new solution for direct room humidification that exploits innovative ultrasound technology.

humiSonic direct incorporates, in just one compact solution, all the components needed for operation, making it the best proposal on the market in terms of ease and flexibility of installation, for both new systems and the retrofit of existing buildings.

CAREL ultrasound technology minimises energy consumption, while at the same time reducing maintenance, thanks to the extraordinary lifespan of the piezoelectric transducers (up to 10,000 h). Hygiene is moreover guaranteed by the use of stainless steel components and automatic washing and filling cycles.

With Modbus compatibility available as standard, humiSonic direct can communicate with any control system, easily integrating with the rest of the installation.