universal controllers

universal controllers
  • General characteristics

    The infrared Universale series is a range of instruments for controlling the temperature, pressure and humidity values in air-conditioning, refrigeration and heating units. The range includes models for satisfying all requirements:

    Models available
    The models are divided into two families: the first with temperature only inputs, and consequently suitable for temperature control in HVAC/R and/or generic applications that require a thermostat in the range –50T150 °C; the second with universal inputs (NTC, NTC-HT, PTC, PT1000, PT100, TC J/K, voltage and current).

    The following sensors can be connected to the "temperature only" models:

    • NTC with range –50T90 °C
    • NTC-HT with range –40T150 °C
    • PTC with range –50T150 °C
    • PT1000 with range –50T150 °C

    The following sensors can be connected to the "Multi-in" models:

    • NTC with range –50T90 °
    • NTC-HT with range –40T150 °C
    • PTC with range –50T150 °C
    • PT1000 with range –50T150 °C
    • PT1000 with range –199T800 °C
    • PT100 with range –199T800 °C
    • TC J/K with range –100T800 °C
    • Voltage: 0 to 1 V, -0.5 to 1.3 V, 0 to 10 V, 0 to 5 V rat.
    • Current: 0 to 20 mA, 4 to 20 mA.

    The type of probe is selected by configuration parameter.

    Main functions include:

    • PID with autotuning;
    • 2 independent control loops;
    • clock management for logging alarms;
    • work cycles.

    Types of outputs: relay, 0 to 10 Vdc, or control of external SSRs

    Type of power supply: models are available for mains power supply (115 to 230 Vac), or alternatively operating at 12 to 24 Vac-dc or 24 Vac-dc

    Panel or DIN rail mounting: all models are available for both classic panel installation with IP65 front protection, or for DIN rail mounting (4 modules).

    Backward compatibility: the list of parameters is compatible with the previous "ir32 Universale" range

    Other functions: 2 digital configurable inputs, IR receiver and buzzer available on all models; some versions also feature the real time clock (RTC)

  • Plus

    • Range of models: the best solution can be easily identified, thanks to the vast range of models available.
    • PID regulation: as well as classic proportional and proportional + integral control (P, P+I), PID with autotuning or 2 indipendent control loops have been added.
    • Installation: all models are supplied with plug-in terminals. The units can be programmed on the keypad, via key, remote control & comtool.
    • power supply: all models are available with 12 to 24 Vac/ 12 to 30 Vdc, 24 Vac/dc or 115 to 230 Vac power supply.
    • Display: the large display, complete with icons, makes it easy to set the parameters.
    • RTC: used to log the alarms and manage the working cycles